What is Edelweiss?

  • an online, interactive, cross-publisher catalog service that supplements or replaces traditional hard-copy publisher catalogs
  • a customer relationship management service that allows reps, publicists or other authorized persons in a publishing house to…
    • manage their own contact lists
    • create their own catalogs targeted to specific audiences
    • share catalogs and title information by email, the web or printable pdfs
    • take requests from accounts and key contacts
  • a system for publishers to take requests or proactively share secure, DRM-protected Digital Review Copies  (click here for more information)       
  • an interactive research tool for librarians, bloggers, reviewers, rights acquirers to find titles either by catalog or any number of filters
  • a platform for a social network amongst industry professionals, around shared reviews and anticipated titles

How does it work?

  • any catalog ‘reader’ can access and interact with the system for free
  • catalogs are created by publisher based on a combination of ONIX/basic metadata feeds, supplemental feeds of enhanced content and a catalog administration web site
  • a publisher user can share information with targets based on having their email addresses, whether or not they are Edelweiss users themselves

 Who’s using it?  

  • around 74,000 book industry professionals are registered with logins - mainly retailers, reviewers, librarians, and publishers. There is also a great deal of anonymous traffic on Edelweiss, since unregistered users can access links to titles and catalogs - these may be links from a publisher's website, sent by a sales rep, or links in industry newsletters or blogs.

How do I get started?

  •  To get started using Edelweiss, or to find out more, visit the getting started are of our help site.

What people are saying about Edelweiss

"We have had great success with Edelweiss and are big supporters of the program.  Powell's Books preferred method of frontlist ordering is via Edelweiss."
 - Doug Chase, Powell’s Books, Portland, OR

"The length of the actual sales call can be much shorter than it was with paper catalogs, but it is a far more productive meeting. I then have more time to walk the sales floor – reviewing sections, the Staff Picks area, getting to know the store and staff better"
- Ann Kingman, Random House, in Bookselling This Week July 29 2010

"Ever thought about how awesome it would be if there were one centralized place where you could find out about all the new books coming out next week, next month, or next year, instead of visiting multiple websites for publishers, bookstores, and e-tailers and wading through their sometimes less-than-satisfying search tools? Your wait is over! Edelweiss is a fantastic service that aggregates dozens of publishers’ catalogs and makes them easily searchable by title, subject, publication date, publisher, and more. And it’s free!"
- Rebecca Schinsky, The Book Lady blog

"I ordered my Random House spring 2010 books over the phone last week. Yesterday I entered the order in Edelweiss and downloaded the data into Booklog. The whole entry/download part took 20 minutes. Entering an order used to take me hours. Doing it in Edelweiss was so easy I honestly thought I might cry. THANK YOU."
- Melissa Posten, Pudd'nHead Books, Webster Groves, MO

 "I love using Edelweiss. In fact with some phone reps it cuts down our phone time by at least half. If publishers knew what a time saver Edelweiss is for buyers and what an enhanced book ordering experience is when we have a "marked up" Edelweiss catalogue to view before meeting with reps I can't believe they would not want to be in."
 - Sue Zumberge, Common Good Books, St Paul, MN

 "This is as great a development for the book business as computers were years ago.  Anything that provides info, saves time, increases efficiency & productivity is good for business. You have all the info you need (& more) to make sound ordering decisions w/o hauling around heavy catalogs. Edelweiss is also very responsive to suggestions & new ideas. It's a big help to the independent bookstore & we need all we can get."
 - Pam Herman, Horizon Books, Traverse City, MI

"While I'm not the most committed luddite out there, I was initially leery of giving up my paper catalogs. But Edelweiss has changed the entire buying process for the better. The value of my sales reps being able to make suggestions before our meeting, the ease of having all the information together on one screen - comparative sales, print run, publicity - the enormous savings in time - no more tedious data entry - all this has enabled me to spend more time with my sales reps, brainstorming, discussing in depth titles that are important to us, looking at backlist. Edelweiss is truly fabulous."
 - Karen Corvello, R.J. Julia Booksellers, Madison, CT

"Please move away from PDF catalogs...they are simply clunky to use! With Edelweiss, the reps can make suggestions before the buyer opens the catalogs-- which increases order quantities and speeds up the process."
 - Michelle Lemay, Edgartown Books, Edgartown, MA

"Edelweiss is fantastic! Reps using Edelweiss can flag books and make notes inside your online/Edelweiss catalog and you can go through the catalogs with ease and a surprising amount of interaction with a rep even before you have your appointment, which helps to shape an order and save on phone time. Edelweiss is just plain progressive and well thought out. Also, the tech support team very helpful and
 - Linda Rosengarten, Cheshire Bookshop, Fort Bragg, CA

"Edelweiss helps us work together better."
 - Stan Hynds, Northshire Bookstore, Manchester Center, VT

"Edelweiss is the best tool I've seen in all my years as a buyer. It's a dramatic improvement over a print catalog and it enhances my interactions with sales reps."
 - Megan Sullivan, Harvard Book Store, Cambridge, MA

"I can utilize your wonderful reps and their knowledge better when we are both working through Edelweiss. Better choices in the first place = healthier sales = fewer returns. Win/win."
 - Janis Brennan, Main Street Books, Orleans, MA

"The time-saving from not having to manually input information from catalogs is substantial, and time is our greatest commodity these days. We appreciate anything the publishers do (systems-wise) to maximize our time."
 - Mark LaFramboise, Politics & Prose Bookstore, Washington, DC

"I’m convinced it’s a better way to do things and I want to be at the front of the pack..."
 - Eric Boss, Sales Rep for Penguin Group

 "We love the program. It's easy, fast, and saves us money. And each day brings improvements and add-ons that help save us time. We've been very impressed with the Edelweiss team for being so responsive to our suggestions."
 - Mandy King, Boulder Book Store, Boulder, CO

"If you do not send a sales rep to my store or have a regular phone rep who has a relationship with my store, then being on Edelweiss would make it far more likely I would send you an order, compared to mailing me a catalog."
 - Mike DeSanto, Phoenix Books, Essex Junction, VT

"The amount of time I save by being able to check comp titles is huge. I buy Harper and Random House better and more aggressively because of the comp info that is provided and how it’s laid out."
 - Robert Sindelar, Third Place Books, Lake Forest Park, WA

"I was leery at first but I am quite pleased with Edelweiss overall. It has greatly streamlined our ability to import orders quickly into POS system. The staff at Edelweiss has been over-the-top phenomenal in terms of answering questions and solving problems. Thank you."
 - Sally McPherson, Broadway Books, Portland, OR

"I won't learn individual publisher ecatalog systems, I just don't have the time and energy, so Edelweiss as a common standard is critical in getting me to transition to digital ordering."
 - Kate Reynolds, Colgate Bookstore, Hamilton, NY

"Please tell publishers: booksellers love it, we can get more up-to-date info about the books (updated covers, etc.) and that it's definitely worth it."
 - Christine Onorati, WORD, Brooklyn, NY

"It is way easier to do all p.o.-creating/data entry on one platform."
  - Lynne Almeida, Spellbinder Books, Bishop, CA

"Let's all use the same system...[Publisher A] and [Publisher B] in particular, it isn't a help to us at all to 'create your own' electronic format! ARGH!!!!!"
 - Sarah, The Bookstore Plus, Lake Placid, NY

"I mostly have telephone reps and using Edelweiss works great with them. Just last week a sales rep did a suggested order for me in Edelweiss and all I had to do was go in, adjust a few numbers, and then import the order into my system. It was a huge time saver. If we'd had to do a traditional sales call we probably would had to wait two more weeks as I couldn't block out that much time. This way she got my order earlier (and probably a larger order than I usually do) and I got to mark one more item off my to-do list."
  - Jill Hendrix, Fiction Addiction, Greenville, SC

"I think more sales calls with Edelweiss will be focused, shorter and result in more sales
for everyone-- the publisher and the store."
 - Susie Wilmer, Old Firehouse Books, Fort Collins, CO

"Edelweiss saves time--lots of time--and lets us use it to focus on creatively figuring out how to promote and sell more books rather than necessary but mundane mechanics (looking up comp titles, doing title entry into our POS system, manually noting titles to look at later for promotions). After buying one publisher with Edelweiss, it's frustrating to go to the next publisher who's not on Edelweiss."
 - Carole Horne, Harvard Book Store, Cambridge, MA

"I just find Edelweiss more convenient all around."
 - Sarah Brown, Changing Hands Bookstore, Tempe, AZ

"Viewing catalogs, marking orders, transferring to my POS system--at one spot, with an easy navigation and order process--that's worth using Edelweiss as the bridge between bookstore and publisher, no matter what their size."
 - Barbara Theroux, Fact & Fiction, Missoula, MT

"After buying an iPad, Edelweiss became an absolute joy to use - I felt just like I was browsing paper catalogs and it was small, light, and great color - and of course importing titles into my POS is soooo much easier. Please publishers-- no multiple systems: Edelweiss is great and getting better!"
 - John Hugo, HugoBooks, Marblehead, MA

"Your reps would spend less time on their sales calls with busy work and more time really selling if buyers and reps were prepared as Edelweiss requires them to be for the visit. We could talk about exciting titles, promotions, tours, etc. rather than spending time giving numbers for each title. I think the time for simplicity and the information that comp titles give a buyer are invaluable as well as the time that is
saved by importing the orders directly into our POS."
 - Gayle Shanks, Changing Hands Bookstore, Tempe, AZ

"Using Edelweiss - and I am just beginning - allows time for my reps & I to talk about promotions and events and sales angles and then saves time in the store so the staff can be talking about books to customers rather than entering data."
 - Liza Bernard, Norwich Bookstore, Norwich, VT

"I still have many publishers with whom I have no direct account relationship. If they want to sell direct to me, they ought to participate in Edelweiss immediately. Digital galleys would be a nice addition, too."
 - Randy Smith, Destinations Booksellers, New Albany, IN

"Publishers need to get going with this and phase out catalogs where they can (although I know this is not possible for some art and gift vendors). The sales reps need to learn how to use it to everyone's advantage. It's much better to cut costs on catalog production and mailing than on laying off sales reps!"
 - Claire Benedict, Bear Pond Books, Montpelier, VT

"My Random House reps and I had a great time doing fall frontlist ordering with Edelweiss on my iPad. What a joy that was! We sat outside part of the time and intrigued all passersbys. It was such a speedy process -- saved many hours of repetitive work. Thank you!"
 - Wendy Morton Hudson, Nantucket Bookworks, Nantucket, MA


"Edelweiss does not replace the duties of the rep but can make him/her more efficient and armed with more information to discuss with the bookseller."
 - Ellen Scott, The Bookworm, Omaha, NE

"Once again, Above the Treeline has anticipated the future and developed very usable, straightforward technology that incorporates the needs of independent booksellers. The development of interactive catalogs offers both publishers and booksellers new efficiencies and flexibilities, and Edelweiss allows every bookseller, regardless of size, the ability to participate."
 - Avin Domnitz, former CEO, American Booksellers Association

"Up until I attended the Winter Institute in San Jose, I was really wary about Edelweiss, fear of the unknown and all that. Now, I really enjoy using it. I can work on my orders from home, and love the importing to my POS. I am actually caught up through next Spring. I just wish a couple more publishers would hop on the Edelweiss wagon."
 - Anonymous, Vancouver, WA