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5/3/2010 - Nolo to Publish Web-Based Catalogs via Edelweiss Interactive Publisher Catalogs


Ann Arbor, Michigan - May 3rd, 2010 Above the Treeline is pleased to announce that Nolo has selected Edelweiss, Above the Treeline's interactive publisher catalog system, to publish frontlist and backlist catalogs on the web.

Retailers, librarians, publicists, and other users of publisher catalogs will be able to review Nolo's full catalog of titles via Edelweiss by the end of May.

"We're impressed with the features of Edelweiss and with the growing, enthusiastic user base," said Jackie Thompson, Vice President of Nolo's Trade Division, "Our Edelweiss catalogs will be a critical part of our sales and marketing efforts."
"Nolo is one of the most respected and well-known niche publishers in the country, and a staple of bookstores and libraries everywhere," said Treeline CEO John Rubin. "They have a great list of legal do-it-yourself titles.  They're a natural for Edelweiss and we're pleased to welcome them."

About Nolo

Since 1971, Nolo's goal has been simple: Make America's legal system accessible to everyone. Our website, books, software, online legal forms and lawyer directory help millions of individuals, businesses and nonprofits solve their legal problems each year.  For more about Nolo, click here.

About Above the Treeline, LLC

Above the Treeline is North America's leading provider of collaboration-based business intelligence for the book industry.  Their newest web-based product, Edelweiss, is an on-line interactive publisher catalog service that enhances or replaces the use of traditional hard copy publisher catalogs.  With features such as keyword search, interior images, twitter and blog tracking, title tags, and others, Edelweiss goes far beyond simple posted PDF's to provide a buying and research tool that cannot be matched with hard copy catalogs.  Edelweiss is free to retailers and other catalog readers, requires no prior Above the Treeline affiliation, and interfaces with most bookstore POS systems.  For a full list of participating Edelweiss publishers, see

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