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Edelweiss and NAIPR have recently partnered to transition Frontlist Universal Plus to the Edelweiss platform. (Read the Press Release). This means that basic catalogs from NAIPR-affiliated publishers are now being posted to this area of Edelweiss for download. Many of these are small publishers that are not already subscribing Edelweiss publisher clients. 

(To access a single printable PDF document of the NAIPR Basic Catalogs Download instructions, click here)

How it Works

Booksellers can select catalogs to download as data files, using the standard Edelweiss export formats – either a specific POS format, or a text or Excel file. The downloaded files can be imported into a POS system, or other system, saving time on data entry. This uploaded file enables order entry for the publishers’ titles in your store system, rather than within Edelweiss.

In Edelweiss  

  • Setup - set your default POS system, map your vendors, formats, categories, and define your export rules as needed (if you have not done so already) 
  • Export a catalog from a NAIPR publisher

In your own system

  • Import the catalog file
  • Review the imported catalog, either in preview or as a completed PO with quantities of ‘0’ (the exact process varies by POS system)
  • Add quantities for titles you want to buy
  • Place the order via your standard POS system method

New to Edelweiss?

  • If you are not sure if you might already have an Edelweiss account: go to, and enter your email address on the login box, and click ‘Forgot Password’ or contact us at
  • Do other people at your store already have Edelweiss accounts? If so, you can ask them to add an account for you within the Administration/ User Administration.
  • OR: go to and click on ‘register’ inside the login box to sign the store up for a free Edelweiss account.

Supported POS Systems

Visual Anthology (version 6.5.49 or higher required plus the Edelweiss module)

Basil (as of Spring 2011)

Booklog (version 9.0.501 or higher)

Bookstore Manager (version 7.4 or higher)


IBID (DOS) (version 12.0 or higher)

[i]Merchant (all versions)

Square One (requires the current Edelweiss interface)

Wordstock (single or multi-store plus Edelweiss interface)

UBIC (contact for setup details)

Users can also create custom text or Excel formats.


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