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  • You will first need to download the Bluefire app on your device from the Apple app store.
  • Authorize the app for Adobe Digital Editions by entering your Adobe ID
  • Browse Edelweiss directly on your device and find the book you plan to download
  • Download the digital review copy to your device, and it will open in the reader automatically

Bluefire Reader Step-by-step Instructions:

1. Visit the App Store and download the free Bluefire Reader app: http://itunes.com/BluefireReader.


2. Open the Bluefire Reader app on your device. Bluefire will prompt you to authorize the app for Adobe Digital Editions. If you don’t have an Adobe ID, you can get one for free within the Bluefire Reader app by clicking on the red bar to “get adobe ID”. To recover your Adobe ID or password, visit: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/membership/


3. Then, open up Safari or the web browser you normally use on the device. Navigate to Edelweiss. A shortcut to the Edelweiss site is the address edel.bz. (see note below about adding a direct link to Edelweiss to your desktop). Or, if you have an email from a publisher granting you access to a particular digital review copy, you can also get directly to Edelweiss and that title via the link in that email, if you prefer. 

4. Find a review copy to download. You can search for a title or to see all review copies available to you, tap Review Copies in the top navigation bar and select Download from the View titles I may menu in the upper left.    

5. Once you have located the title to download, tap the green Download Review Copy button. 

6. A dialogue box will appear with a message reminding you that you are receiving a protected file. Tap Continue.

7. A preview window will appear prompting you to open the file in the Bluefire Reader app. Tap “Open in ‘Bluefire Reader’”.

8. You will be taken to the Bluefire Reader app and the book you’ve just downloaded will be available in moments.





Additional Note:

To make accessing the Edelweiss website quick and easy, add a link to your device’s home screen:

1. Open Safari on your device and visit the Edelweiss website: http://edel.bz.

2. Tap the Actions icon in the Safari toolbar and select Add to Home Screen



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