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Edelweiss Weekly Update - November 21, 2011

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Update for Monday, November 21, 2011
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Dear Edelweiss,

New Catalogs

New catalogs from:

Charlesbridge Publishing, HarperCollins, Hyperion Books, Independent Publishers Group, Ingram Gift & Games, Perseus, Random House, University of California Press, and W.W. Norton. 

Jump to the new catalog section in this email by clicking



New Digital Review Copies Available
We have new titles available for request (or immediate download if you've been granted access) this week from Random House and Penguin in the Review Copies Tab .    

Check out the list at the bottom of this email. 



Order Visibility 

Booksellers: Just a reminder that if you would like your sales reps to see your orders, you'll want to check the box shown below, either when you're creating your order or, once you're finished, by going to the Orders Tab and editing your order.


You can read more about this here


Reps, if you can't see an account's order, this is probably why, although you should also check to be sure they are listed in your Contacts. More about that here







Targeted Browsing  

A lot of you probably go through Edelweiss catalog by catalog, looking at every title every season. Bookstore buyers, many librarians, etc. will tackle each season in this way. This is a gargantuan task, but at least a generally pleasant one.

Lots of you, though, especially you bloggers and book reviewers, require a more targeted approach to browsing. This is where the Browse by Titles tab comes in. You can really narrow down your search by using the different sort options available. For example, you can very quickly and easily find all the hardcover literary fiction that comes out in January if you want:
This will give you a very trim list of about 25 titles. If you click on "View Enhanced List" on the right hand side of the page you'll get the normal Title List View from which you can tag, email, print, etc. 

For a more detailed account of this, here's a link to a guest blog post we did a while back explaining this feature (and a few others).
As usual, please feel free to contact us at with any questions.

New Catalogs

The following catalogs were added within the last seven days:Catalogs


The following titles were dropped in within the last seven days:DropIns

New Digital Review Copies 

The following DRC's were added within the last seven days:
  • Bringing Up Bebe by Druckerman, Pamela (Penguin Press HC) - PubDate: Feb 21 2012
  • The Age of Miracles by Thompson Walker, Karen (Random House) - PubDate: Jun 26 2012
  • The Rules of Inheritance by Smith, Claire Bidwell (Penguin Group (USA) Inc. / Hudson Street Press) - PubDate: Feb 2 2012
  • The Book of Jonas by Dau, Stephen (Penguin Group (USA) Inc. / Blue Rider Press) - PubDate: Mar 15 2012
  • Miss Fuller by Bernard, April (Random House / Steerforth) - PubDate: Apr 3 2012
  • The Righteous Mind by Haidt, Jonathan (Random House / Pantheon) - PubDate: Mar 13 2012

Joe Foster
Above the Treeline
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